Taiji-Qigong Wu-Style (Brochure in English language)

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Taiji-Qigong Wu-Style (Brochure in English language)

Effective, Holistic Health Exercises – Easy To Learn – For All Ages

Jürgen Meyer, born in 1960, has studied with many Asian masters of Qigong, Martial Arts and Meditation. As a direct and long-standing direct disciple (Tudi) of Master Jiangbao, he presents the path and methods of Taiji-Qigong in this book.

Here, the Taiji principles are experienced directly in the mututl unity of Yin and Yang. The health exercises of Taiji_Qigong are very effective and suitable for all ages. They also serve as good preparation for learning the Taijiquan Wu-Style System.

This is the 2024 revised edition. On 136 pages in total you find the complete training program of Taiji-Qigong Wu-Style 1 with more than 190 pictures and detailed description of the exercises.

This serves as a tool for self study and as an addtition to your course attendance. We also recommend the DVD Taiji-Qigong 1.1 soon available in English.

Zusätzliche Informationen

Broschüre III: Taiji Qigong Wu-Stil

Praxis der Synthese von Tai Chi und Qigong.
Autor: Jürgen Meyer


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